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spiritual direction in the Jungian tradition

Patricia Brenneman
Patricia Brenneman, MA
spiritual direction in the Jungian tradition


Soul Questions:
What did we come here to do?
What did we come to learn?
What did we come to heal?
What and who did we come to love?
What are we here for?

~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

I invite you into quieting, into a gentle companioning that is not seeking to "fix" anything but that instead listens deeply- with you- to your soul's needs and desires. This is all about meaning-making, and exploring life's sacred questions: Why am I here on this earth, at this time, in this body? What are my gifts, and how do I live more fully into these? What brings me joy? What lies beyond this "dark night of the soul" that I find myself in? What are the sparks, the threads I wish to follow in order to deepen and enrich my life? How do I envision my woundedness into wholeness? How do I tend to the sacred amidst a busy, demanding life? What can I reclaim from shadow, deep beneath the mask I present to the world? How do I face, and find meaning in, the losses in my life?

How do I behold, listen to, and attend to the deepest desires of my heart and my soul?

Spiritual direction invites a more integrated, authentic, intentional approach to living your life. To tend to Soul is to deepen self-compassion and lovingkindness, to trust more fully in your deepest yearnings. Aspects of self that you thought were lost or missing will be woven back into the fabric of wholeness, parts that felt unlovable will be more fully embraced. Radical acceptance, the capacity to hold with lovingkindness all of the complexity of life, with its mystery and its paradox, is at the heart of spiritual direction.

My unique offerings in our journey together:

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